****** Aviation Connectors Market 2017: Market Share, Revenue And Cost Analysis With Key Company’s


Connectors can be defined as an electrical connector that consists of multi pin interconnects coupled with cylindrical contact housings as well as circular contact interface geometries. Circular connectors are chosen for ease of engagement as well as disengagement, ease of environmental sealing, rugged mechanical performance, ability of connectors to appropriately house various types of contacts, and their ability of allowing varied range of contact voltages currents, and. The MIL-DTL-5015 and MIL-DTL-38999 are the most widely specified types of connectors in military, aerospace, and other applications. However, the major disadvantage of the circular design is loss of panel space that occurs when utilized in arrays.

Market Scenario:

The ****** aviation connectors market can be classified based on end-user, shape, application, type, platform, and region. On the basis of end-user, the ****** aviation connectors market is divided into commercial, business jets, military, and others. Based on shape, the ****** market is subdivided into circular, and rectangular. Depending upon application, the ****** aviation connectors market can be divided into landing gear, engine control system, avionics, cabin equipment, and others. By type, the ****** aviation connectors market can be divided into PCB, high power, high speed, RF connectors, and fiber optics. Based on platform, the ****** market can be divided into fixed wing, and rotary wing.

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The ****** aviation connectors market is expected to attain major market growth in the forecast period. Factors such as rise in the orders of aircraft and deliveries across the world, need for modern avionic systems, rise in flight safety, and diminishing operational & maintenance cost are propelling the growth of aviation connectors market. Depending upon application, the aviation connectors market has been sub-divided into avionics, landing gear, cabin equipment, in-flight entertainment, and others. The avionics segment is expected to command the maximum share during the forecast period. The major growth promoting factors include rise in aircraft orders and deliveries, need for modern avionic systems. high concerns over safety of flight, and diminishing operational & maintenance cost have resulted in the need for modern aviation connectors.

Key Players:

  • TE Connectivity.
  • Amphenol Corporation.
  • Carlisle Group and Bel Fuse Inc.

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Depending on type, the fiber optic market segment is estimated to garner largest market share The increased procurement of fiber optics in order to provide for the high demand for high-speed data transmission and rise in usage of novel telecommunication technologies such as FTTx applications are fueling the growth of fiber optic market segment. On the basis of shape, the circular connectors segment is estimated to register high growth owing to the high demand for connectors from computers, communications, and consumer electronics in the aviation sector, and rise in demand for advanced features as well as convenience.

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