Instant Messaging Software Market – Technological Advancements, Evolving Industry Trends and Insights 2017 – 2025

Instant Messaging (IM) can be defined as a system or means for transmitting electronic messages instantly. It is the exchange of real-time messages through an embedded software or stand-alone application. IM users need to know each other’s screen name or user name to add them to their buddy list or contact list, or to initiate an IM session.

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The exchange of text has been the primary function of instant messaging until recently; however, the ability to insert emojis and images into messages is presently standard. IM networks can currently offer different forms of communication through stickers, pictures, video sharing, and voice.

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Facebook Messenger enables users to even send money via Instant Messaging. Almost all IM solutions include some degree of federation or interoperability with social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Users can gain access to these social networks without exiting the instant messaging interface and can post status updates and more.

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An important factor driving the instant messaging software market is the strong adoption of mobile technology. Moreover, IM is generally free (Open Source Software), or inexpensive, and it is easy to use and immediate and pervasive on a wide range of different devices and platforms, which is also driving IM software market.

However, the increasing threat of security and privacy are restraining the instant messaging software market. IM started to lose its value with the introduction of social media. However, IM has been regaining traction, especially in the business world, due to the recent integration in Google and Facebook products. Users are embracing the value in having tools to communicate instantly over a variety of platforms.

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