Smart Irrigation: Provides plants the exact amount of water when it’s required without any manual involvement


Smart irrigation is also known as technology-oriented irrigation. Applications of tools and technology in irrigation process has led to lessened use of water for irrigating of the same land and improved productivity of land and yield. Irrigation managers in smart irrigation function are according to the weather conditions, it shuts off automatically in case of wind, rain, and others. It functions are an vital tool to evaluate and apply right amount of irrigation water at right place, at right time to improve the productivity of the land and crop.

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It is an automated system, provides plants the exact amount of water when it’s required without any manual involvement. Smart irrigation system mechanically adjust the watering schedule based various real-time limitations including water content of the plant, wind direction, wind speed, and local weather data. These practices carry various advantages, including reduced labor cost, environmental sustainability, and also lower the expense of water usage in the fields.



The ****** smart irrigation market has been categorized into irrigation controller, hardware and network component, application and regions. Based on the irrigation controller the market has been segmented into sensor-based controllers and weather-based controllers. On the basis of network component the market has be bifurcated into sensor, network element of smart detection systems, and flow meter or water meter. Applications are widely segmented into non-agriculture and agriculture.

The major factors driving the smart irrigation market are growing necessity for food production, decrease in the wastage of resources and rising need for water conversation. Installation cost is very high and lack of awareness about the advantages of smart irrigation is the major factors that may hamper the growth of smart irrigation market in the near future.

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Classification by Region:

Geographically, the Smart Irrigation market has been bifurcated into five regions North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. The Smart Irrigation market size and forecast period for each region has been estimated from 2017 to 2023. Additionally the CAGR (%) for the forecasted period 2017 to 2023. The study also includes market estimates for major countries/regions such as the U.S, the U.K., Germany, France, Japan, China, India, GCC, North Africa, South Africa and Brazil. The detailed analysis by irrigation controller, hardware & network component, application and regions supports in evaluating the present scenario, growth prospects and the future scenario for the smart irrigation market over the forecast period. Thus, the report delivers in-depth segment analysis of the market and classifies it into various industries, thereby providing valuable perceptions.

The growing need for more effective charging systems in the Smart Irrigation is anticipated to drive the Asia-Pacific market for Smart Irrigation in the future years. The major companies that providing Smart Irrigation include Rain Bird Corporation, Hunter Industries, Netafim, The Toro Company, Baseline Inc., Hydropoint Data Systems, Calsense, Galcon, Weathermatic, and Rachio Inc.

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