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The market for aerospace bearings in North America is currently leading however, Asia Pacific region is anticipated to take over North America’s share by growing at a highest CAGR during the forecast period. The rising affordability of middle-class population along with decreasing cost of air travel is anticipated to boost the aerospace industry in the region thus, propelling the market demand for aerospace bearings.

Engineered plastic is one of materials used for manufacturing aerospace bearing along with other materials such as stainless steel, fiber-reinforced composites, aluminum alloys and others. Plastic aerospace bearings are capable of fulfilling the demanding requirements for weight, tolerance and lubrication of the constantly innovating spacecraft and aircraft industries.

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The aerospace industry is a diversified industry that includes military and passenger aircraft, spacecraft, missiles and satellites. This growing industry also possess high security threats, which continue to boost production. Further, challenging environment plays a significant role in the demand for aerospace bearings. Temperatures extremes and cabin pressurization, and propulsion demands at the time take off and landings creates a high-stress environment. Thus, plastic bearings are proved to be an effective solutions for challenges faced by aerospace applications as they are effective in in high-pressure gaskets, compressors, slide pads, and structural applications.

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There are several challenges that can be overcome with the use of plastic bearing such as, challenge related to weight, as plastic bearings are lighter in comparison to metal bearings. Also, self-lubrication enables less maintenance and service life; increased tolerance of vibrations and pressures. Some of the market players manufacturing engineered plastic aerospace bearings includes, GGB, TriStar Plastics Corp., Smith Bearing among others.

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