Accomplished Speeding Ticket Attorney in Georgia

Exceeding the speed limit on the road and not following the traffic rules ends up with the speeding ticket. When you decide to pay your speeding ticket, your insurance premium automatically gets increased. Hiring an attorney will help you to save time. Since you will be called by the court anytime and it obviously will have an effect in your workplace. During this situation, your attorney handles your process and you need not come to the court.

Speeding ticket

When you are issued with the speeding ticket you will be asked to call the number at the back of the ticket and need to pay the fine. The speeding ticket will contain details about you, your vehicle and the infraction committed. At the back of the ticket, you will see three checkboxes. The first one is admitting to the court that you committed an infraction and agreeing to pay the fine. The second one, you want to reduce the fine by pleading to the court and in this also you admit that you have committed infarction. And finally, the third one is, you want to fight the ticket saying that you have not done any violation.  Depending on these boxes only your next step will be determined and they are important too. It is advised by the lawyers not to pay the fine since it will lead to added points in your driver’s license.

There are chances for your driver license to be suspended if you have 15 points within two years. For different speed limits, the number of points varies. When subjected to super speeder fine, your license is in danger. Therefore, it is beneficial to hire an attorney to handle the process.

When you are stopped by the police officer, there are few things which you need to follow. Tell them the basic information about yourself and don’t talk more than that. Every small detail about yourself will be noted by them and it can even turn against you. Be careful when delivering the details. Another important thing is you should reply in a polite manner and don’t use harsh words. To know more, visit


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