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Before a buyer decides upon making the final payment to buy a product or service, he is exposed to numerous touch points. While browsing through these touch points, he finally lands on to the final webpage to eventually make purchases. He goes through a range of interactions which helps him finally come on the site and develop an interest towards the final product. With Windsor, you can get an insight of such touch points and influencers in order to get knowledge of various campaigns and their effectiveness.


Marketing of Attribution Modeling tools is basically the science of assigning a portion of the credit to a particular platform that has helped the customer move towards the final web page and makes the purchases. Using useful algorithms various touch points are given the due credit. This way the owner of a business can measure all the effective campaigns that are leading to customer conversions. The credit is generally placed proportionally to each and every touch point, also the extent of impact they are having on the buyer to make final purchases. At times with an increased influx of buyers, it becomes hard for the business owner to collectively study the core source of entry. So, he uses various attribution modeling techniques to determine the source that is helping the owner get such positive results. With Windsor, it allows you to calculate and measure all such unprecedented optimization expenditures.


Attribution modeling is proving to be beneficial as it helps you to come up with more accurate results. It can allow the user behavior to be followed more anonymously and in a truly privacy-compliant way. The owner is well able to track all the touch points that generally lead to the final conversion of a buyer.


With Windsor, you get more accurate results and a detailed insight on to various marketing touch points by utilizing appropriate attribution modeling techniques.


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