Hyperloop Market: A Window To The Future

Hyperloop is one of the mode of passenger and a freight transportation, initially named as an open source vactrain design that was released with the joint venture of Tesla and SpaceX. A hyperloop consists of a sealed tube or the systems of tube through which an electronic pod may travel that will be free from air resistance or friction that will convey objects or people at a very high speed and acceleration.  .

Market Scenario:

Hyperloop is a proposed mode of transportation of freight and passenger which is proposed by Elon Musk and the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation and a team of Tesla Motors engineers in 2013. Space X. In 2017, Hyperloop One began the first test on the technology, firing the pod down a 500m test track in Nevada. The module reached 70mph in 5.3 seconds.

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Increasing adoption of visual effects, especially in the gaming industry coupled with the availability of experienced and cost-effective labor are expected to play a major role in driving the industry demand in the region. India, China, and Singapore are among the prominent countries in the region with expertise and skill-set and at the same time offer a low cost of production to the animators. Moreover, companies in this region are using this 3D animation technology for generating accurate information before the starting of final production which helps in reducing the production cost and time.

Key Players:

  • Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.
  • Hyperloop One.
  • Transpode Inc.
  • Sapcex

Led by innovations, the world today has become a place where nothing is impossible. Thoughts that were considered paradoxical then, are becoming a mesmerizing reality now. Hyperloop is one of these magnificent innovations that are anticipated to enable traveling much faster and convenient over the coming years. It was in 2013, when the eminent entrepreneur and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk came up with the idea of a train that would travel at the lightning speed through a tube and called it Hyperloop.

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By the year 2023 the market for Hyperloop would be among fastest growing markets worldwide, with several other new start-ups initiating its progress globally. Presently, Dgwhyperloop, Sapcex and Aecom are some of the other companies operating in this market. And in order to attain the goals that accommodate both environmental as well as economical sustainability these companies are collaborating with other tech companies. For instance, the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies had signed a partnership with Oerlikon Leybold Vaccum to accelerate the process of building the prototype of Hyperloop in California. In coming years more such initiatives are expected to leverage the market for

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