Get the best rates on organic Darjeeling first flush tea 2018 from Birla estates

Get the best rates on organic Darjeeling first flush tea 2018 from Birla estates

Any fresh tea will offer the best flavor, particularly the taste of the first flush Darjeeling tea of Birla estates is beyond comparison. This press release substantiates that how readers can get their first flush tea at the best prices from Birla estates.

Kolkata, India – Although most premium teas are categorized as flush teas, when you buy your first flush tea from Birla estates, you will get the real value for your money spent on the tea. This is for the reason that Birla estates is the most reliable and trusted tea dealer, offering the highest quality of first flush teas at the best rates. You will get your tea at an affordable cost, with the best flavor and aroma you expect.

At Birla estates, they consider tea as their entire world. It is the tea world, which developed the business and it considers quality as well as customer satisfaction is its main concern. Moreover, this approved tea dealer of first flush Darjeeling teas ties the tea with the life of people, meaning they do not sell their high-quality tea to resellers or distributors, but only to tea aficionados.

The first flush Darjeeling teas of Birla Estates are renowned for their richest tastes by uniting them with the inquisitive, the refined, and the audacious features. You might have not tasted such a freshest cup of tea in your life.

The major goal of Birla Estates is to offer the greatest first flush Darjeeling teas at the best rates, meaning the teas of the business will fit every budget as well the tasted buds of every individual. The business believes each tea drinker is worthy of knowing where, how, and when their tea was originated. The prominence of a tea lies in its very exact origins. The business is redefining the way the world considers and likes tea by making sure the leaves are terrifically sourced and they are every time hand-picked and packed. They can perform this for the reason that they are familiar with the finest teas in India, and they work exactly at the resources, in the identical gardens where the teas they sell are developed.

As the tea flourishes on freshness, Birla Estates packs up freshness. Thus, you can rest guaranteed that you would get only the freshest first flush Darjeeling tea, irrespective of the quantity you buy from Birla Estates.

About Birla estates

Birla Estates is an innovator in the tea industry, offering the highest quality of all types of tea at the best deals. Whether you need a Darjeeling black, white, or green tea, you can buy your favorite first flush teas with the highest quality according to your taste and budget.

Contact details –

“Industry House”, (15th Floor)
10, Camac Street,
Kolkata-700 017.

Phone: +91 9674292164 and +91 33 2282 7531-34




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