A Tale of little berry forest is a healing game with a short fable

Fairy tales are having a different and special place as they always provide a good platform for enjoying. Not only children’s but elders also like it very much. It’s one of the best ways to spend the free time. How will it be if you get fairy tale in the form of games? Definitely it will double the entertainment and fun. A Tale of Little Berry Forest is one such healing game that is all about the forest, farming and cooking. Another interesting thing in this game is the oil pastels to draw the characters.

It’s a 100% handmade game. The journey in this game begins with two little cute characters among which one is a boy and another is the girl. They help to an uncle in his farming. Other than that there are some other different tasks to do in this game. There is fruit store, valley & uncles house which add more fun to the game.


  • Colorful graphics
  • User-friendly safe for children too
  • Dense forest
  • Easy to understand
  • There is no computer graphics work in this game
  • Each character is drawn with oil pastels
  • Music and pictures are like fairy tale
  • Every single character have an individual story
  • Interesting task to do
  • Perfect animations
  • Achievement board to check your achievement of game
  • Little and cute characters in the game
  • Beautiful scenery reflecting the feeling of perfect forest
  • Unique fast paced game
  • Forest map for easily navigation at different places

Some other features:

  • 3 hours of play time
  • Optimized for 16:9 screen
  • Supporting languages English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese & Spanish
  • No advertisement or any in-app purchasing

Are you interested to visit in the dark and green forest? Want to help uncle in his farming? Then download “A Tale of Little Berry Forest” and start your fairy tale journey. This decent game is all about to give you calm feeling. Visit to the forest that is full of green shrubs and herbs.

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A tale of little berry forest is one of the best tale story based game. Feel this warm emotional healing game. Walk through this interesting tale, meet new characters in the forest and have good fun with them.

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