School Management Software to enhance Parent-Teacher Communication throught ParentApp

School Management Software to enhance Parent-Teacher Communication

Teachers now can have more devotion towards giving the knowledge to students rather than getting involved in various school management activities related to the timetable ,attendance,lectures ,remarks , results ,homework and all other class room activities. Teachers will be provided with the login id and password by the admin portal. Principal is responsible for handling the E new-india admin portal .

School Management Software – Access to Progress, Attendence Reports

Maintaining the mustard for every class is a great thing of responsibility and risk .Our Teacher app helps teachers to Mark attendance for a class through the Teacher’s Application In Android And IOS. Now there is no need to maintain the record of attendance on the attendance mustard’s. Teacher can mark the attendance for multiple classes per divisions  with respect to the  subjects they teach through the app.
Parent-Teacher Communication
School Management Software – Stay Updated with Syllabus, Homework, Dairies 
The facility of the updating of daily covered syllabus will make parents aware about the topics taught in the class on the daily basis . Also the homework with respect to the class and divisions can be updated on the app . Hence , there is no need to maintain the school dairies for  students to take  a note of the homework also teachers can save their time for covering their particular targeted topics easily.

Online School Management Software – Stay Updated Important Announcements, Results, Events for Schools

Events of the school can also be notified to the parents through the app once the teacher updates. For example. If a class has an stay back after the school for the next day or the same day. Once the teacher updates the event for the class parents get the notification and teachers don’t need to call parents personally to inform about stay back. Remarks related to the warnings for the particular student can also be updated and parents can easily take a note of it and take a necessary actions for their child .
Results can now be checked on phone by the parents. Teachers now don’t need to maintain a report card for the whole year for every student. Subject wise result can be updated with the marks and status of pass and fail. Teachers can also have the emergency calls to the parents in case of emergency.

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