Trailer Wraps from 704 Wrap City Enhances Visual Marketing of your Business

704 Wrap City with its more than 20 years of practical experience is the one stop solution for all your business wraps from cars to trailers to boats and anything in between.

Marketing and advertising is a requisite for every business as it yields positive results and enhances the business. A wide variety of outdoor advertising techniques are available today and vehicle wraps holds an important place out of them. Vehicle wraps are easy to install and easy to remove as well as cost effective hence are highly acceptable form of advertising a business. 704 Wrap City knows it well and provides professional and practically experienced custom vehicle wraps in Charlotte for over 20 years. They offer an effective combination of exact marketing messages and engaging high-quality graphics.

How Long Does a Vehicle Wrap Lasts?

Generally it lasts up to five years. But the lifespan of a wrap completely relies on the quality of wrap used and how the wrap has been installed. A poor quality and haphazardly installed wrap may tear out long before its time and it also might damage your vehicle. Therefore hiring a professional is always being suggested as they have advanced printing technology and installation techniques that allows them to print and install striking vehicle wraps.

Trailers with wraps installed engage potential customers instead of your marketing team waiting for them to react to an ad on TV or on the web. Trailer wraps offer exclusivity as you don’t share space with other advertisers – unlike when you place a promotional mailer in the customer’s mailbox. Drivers may easily ignore a plain white van on the road, but they will pay attention when a creatively-designed van splashed with vibrant colors passes them on the motorway.” says a spokesperson for 704 Wrap City.

About the Company:

704 Wrap City based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, are a visual marketing company that provides design, print and installation services across the country. With over twenty years of design and installation experience, they deliver on every order with an effective combination of exact marketing messages and engaging high-quality graphics.

Contact Information:

704 Wrap City

Contact No: +1(704)-925-5219


Address: 1001 w tremont ave Unit D, charlotte, NC 28203, USA

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