Play Fun Filled Bingo Games In Belton, TX

Belton, TX/2018: Bingo is a highly sought after game for those interested in some fun and relaxation. Wildcard Bingo hall is a well-known junction for bingo lovers in Belton, TX. It is known to host affordable and fun packed bingo games.

The bingo hall offers bingo games for both novice and experienced players. Slow call bingo games are also organized. In addition to weekly jackpots, playing charity bingo provides players an opportunity to give back to the society.

Bingo Games Offered

• Paper Card Bingo: High quality, easy to read paper bingo cards are offered to players on which they have to dab the number called out.
• Electronic Bingo Games: It is played on hand held bingo devices but is played just like traditional bingo. It is great for players who want to play with multiple bingo cards at a time. All the cards chosen by the player are displayed on the screen which makes it easier to manage them at one time.

Benefits Of Playing Bingo

At the hall great emphasis is laid on amusement and fun of the players. It is a great way to socialize, rejuvenate the mind and improve mental agility. Players have shown improvement in hand eye coordination after regular visits to bingo hall.

Why Choose Them

• Friendly and helpful staff who help players throughout the game
• Non-smoking rooms
• Wide seats and tables for maximum comfort
• Well ventilated spacious rooms
• Exciting cash prizes and jackpots
• Themed bingo games with special prizes on holidays

For more information about bingo games organized at Wildcard Bingo, visit 109 W Ave O, Belton, TX 76513. You can also log on to

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