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Women, you rock, sings Dhwani

Another milestone from Dhwani has created waves for the leading music performing band in India. Saluting womanhood – an original composition theme celebrating Aparajita – was released this International Women’s Day to celebrate the strong, the feminine, and the indefatigable. Sung by Sarita, the female lead singer of Dhwani, the theme song composed by Dhwani has already crossed 100k views on Facebook and continues to garner more popularity. It has hit the right notes because it is dedicated to every single woman who is fighting her own battle. The music motivates and inspires her to put up a brave fight against all odds.

Original creation

Creating this first ever original theme song – for Aparajita Awards by Sanmarg daily – is a great honour for Dhwani. The song aims to celebrate womanhood and the multiple strengths she has – to transform her life and our society as well. Her resilience and grit make her carve a niche for herself. She challenges injustice and defends the weak, supports what is right and fights for the truth. Her power is assessed when she displays it – a reservoir of strength and forbearance.

Team effort  

Highlighting these qualities through thought-provoking lyrics was a challenge for the wordsmiths. But Ruchika Gupta and Mahendra Daga have blended poetic ambrosia so well that every single line comes alive. Kabu Chatterjee and Rana Biswas have lived up to the expectations with their amazing music arrangement. Credit should be given to recordist Ranjit Singh Rasaily of Studio Dhwani, Srirup Chatterjee for mixing and mastering, Sayan Chanda for video production, and Prosenjit Chowdhury for cinematography. In short, it is a shining example of outstanding team effort.

Mega response

The response to this music video indicates that Dhwani has created a strong connection with the masses – womenfolk in particular. Girls and women are mesmerized – stirred beyond measure to make lives meaningful and relevant. Since this song was the choice for Aparajita awards event, nominees and winners from various fields have cherished it and breathed new life. Dhwani is upbeat to have made it so big and their brand of original music gets a new high. This song can be termed as a unique feat of Dhwani – to create a new identity based on originality, authenticity, and creativity. Now Dhwani sounds more confident to make events memorable with their original creations apart from the regular Bollywood fare they belt out with such panache.

Outstanding women in your life should feel honoured to have this musical tribute. In case you have been thinking of a sweet way to express gratitude, share this Dhwani music creation with them at the earliest. Tag the superwomen of substance and vigour to make them feel stronger.

For those of you who have not watched it yet, click here to watch the full video of the Aparajita Song.

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