Genuine International Essay Writing Competition

Writing essay is not only test your information however it also brings out your artistic approach. There are actually lots of forums, exactly where you can participate for writing essay. Here is an chance to participate in International Essay Competion-2018, organized by and sponsored by Lakshmi-Gita SamajKalyanSanstha. Showcase your talent and writing skill by participating in the competition. Get a lot more information about Essay Competition

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There will likely be fascinating prized and certificate as a reward. The jury members who will judge the entries are from reputed organizations like, IIT, BARC, Civil Services, Physicians etc. 1 can participate in either of 3 languages-English, Hindi and Benagli.

The organizer also kept in mind the inability of participation for rural regions, where they’ve restricted internet facilities and sending on the internet entries are challenging. Thus, for such participant, even handwritten essays might be accepted. They require to send their essay to a offered postal address.

This completion will give a possibility to acquire a certificate for the students inside the kind of extra-curricular activities.

There is going to be unique subjects every single month, which will be published within the website

The last date for submission is 25th of every month and the result will be announced in the initially week of each month.

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