Reach out Proficient Furniture Repair and Refinishing Professionals to Bring Back your Furniture’s Aesthetics

Apart from general usage, Furniture also plays an important role in bringing a beautiful look to the home. Nowadays, people are spending more money on buying quality furniture. There are possibilities for the damages or color fading in the furniture after years. Hiring a furniture repair service is the better choice than replacing the furniture with the new one. Health refinishing is a well known company for providing reliable services. They offer a wide range of services such as furniture repair, refinishing, cabinet refinishing and so on.

In Heath Refinishing, They completely analyze the condition of your furniture and provide the suitable services. They use following methods to refinish a furniture without spoiling its special features like color, quality, artwork, etc.

Stripping & Fixing

This is the initial process that has been done to clean the furniture. The various parts of the furniture are separated first. The existing finishing and other coatings are removed using proper chemical solution without any damages to the furniture. The furniture parts will be washed using water. Once the furniture gets dried, then they repair the minor and major issues.


The sanding is done to polish the furniture, which enhances its look. In heath refinishing, they prefer hand sanding methods instead of tools. So they cover all the places and complete the sanding without any marks in the furniture.


After stripping and sanding, they use branded dye for staining purposes. This is the important process that helps to bring the natural and new look to your furniture. They prefer premium quality stains, which will provide long life to the furniture without fading or breaking down.


At this stage, the final coating will be applied. This is to resist any types of dust from affecting the furniture. For this purpose, they use proper spray equipment to attain faultless finishing.

About Heath Refinishing

Heath Refinishing is a reputed furniture refinishing service provider. They have highly experienced professionals to provide best services to each customer. They can regain the natural beauty of the furniture for an affordable price. They give the same importance to all furniture, which increases the lifetime and the beauty of the furniture. They also offer custom furniture manufacturing services and bring uniqueness depends on customer’s taste and requirement. For more information on furniture repair and refinishing, visit


9441 Mimosa Rd

Frisco, TX 75033

Phone: 972-658-8672

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