Patient Warming Devices Market: Understanding The Key Product Segments And Their Future

Patient Warming devices are utilized by physicians and nursing staff for better care of the patients during surgeries, patient transfer, severely injured or diseased patients in acute care settings and anesthesia treatment for warming the patients. For various surgical procedures, anesthesia is of absolute importance for patient’s controlled pain, breathing, blood pressure, blood flow, and heart rate and rhythm. However, when the patient body is under the effect of anesthesia, the body is unable to regulate the temperature. Since, body’s physiological response to anesthesia places virtually every anaesthetized surgical patient at risk for unintended hypothermia regardless of ***, age or physical condition, it was an absolute necessity to find other means to maintain the temperature of the body.

Market Outlook:

According to a research, the core body temperature drops rapidly (up to 1.6ºC in the first hour alone) which is followed by induction of anesthesia. An unintended hypothermia is extremely dangerous and is a fairly common reason for complications in surgery resulting in an increased rate of wound infection, longer hospital stays and higher mortality rates.

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Increasing geriatric population, growing number of surgical procedures are few factor responsible for spurring the market growth. Furthermore, rising prevalence of oncology and cardiovascular conditions, brain injuries and strokes are also driving the industry growth over the forecast period. Increasing number of surgical procedure, and increasing awareness about various beneficial devices among the healthcare professionals has created substantial opportunities in the market.

Major players:

  • GE Healthcare
  • 3M Health Care
  • Cincinnati Sub Zero
  • R. Bard
  • Smiths Medical
  • Inspiration Healthcare Group plc
  • Covidien PLC

Howeve, technology has made unintended hypothermia easily preventable by using devices giving external warmth to the patients while being operated. Various devices maintain a core temperature of 36.0ºC or higher is helpful in improving outcomes of surgery by reducing the frequency of complications often associated with unintended hypothermia. Forced-air warming device is one of the most widely utilized devices which offers a simple, safe and a cost-effective method to prevent unintended hypothermia and complications associated with it.

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North America region is expected to acquire major revenue share owing to presence of the most advanced and sophisticated healthcare facilities in the region. The factors including growing number of surgeries, technological advancements, well-established health care infrastructure, with increasing awareness level are actually responsible for the growth. North American market is followed by the Asia Pacific region, owing to the growing awareness among the people across the region.

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