Why Waste Management is necessary?

To keep environment clean we have to do some most important things to maintain all type of waste whether waste can be junk, rubbish and garbage in a nearby land or river.

Government has to keep strict rules to keep hygienic environment. Some of Specific objectives rules are made –

  • To examine the laws on whether they cater the need for the community in solid waste management
  • To examine the practice as whether it complies with the legal framework on the solid waste management in societies.
  • To explore the role of the community and other stakeholders in management of solid waste in urban areas.

For the proper treatment of waste and to stop the pollution we have waste management system, it is the process of treating solid waste and finding the variety of solutions for recycling it.

Waste is known for the most unwanted materials according to the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Waste can be of scrap material, effluent or unwanted extra substance that needs disposal because it is broken, worn out, contaminated or otherwise polluted.

Solid waste material, generated particularly in some areas is as follows.

  1. Organic waste
  2. Plastic waste
  3. Metal waste material
  4. Glass waste material
  5. Paper waste material, and
  6. Electronic waste

Waste management Calgary is having multidisciplinary activities that involve in engineering principles, economic, urban and regional planning, management techniques and social sciences to minimize the overall activity of the system under consideration.


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