Michael J. Carlson, MD Provides Cartilage Restoration for Damaged Joints

Restore joint cartilage through Michael J. Carlson, MD’s various techniques for damaged joints and other similar injuries that could hinder the movement of professional and amateur athletes.

[UTAH, 6/22/2018]—When a person experiences joint pain, cartilage damage is a possible cause, as it limits the movement of joints. Damage to cartilage may happen due to age, regular wear and tear, and trauma to the area. Michael J. Carlson, MD is here to help.

Articular cartilage cannot repair itself and, once worn, it causes worse damage and inflammation to joints. As such, it is important for people who do heavy physical movements and those with worn-out joints, such as athletes or the elderly, to keep their joints in good form.

Should they experience joint damage, their main treatment option is a cartilage restoration surgery. For residents in Provo, Utah, this is a treatment offered by Michael J. Carlson, MD and his orthopedic team.

Damaged Articular Cartilage

Michael J. Carlson, MD and his team handle orthopedic patients, especially those who experience joint pain and similar conditions. They recognize that when a person’s cartilage is damaged, the joints cannot be cushioned and the patient experiences severe pain and inflammation.

Through cartilage restoration, the team can stimulate growth and return normal function to the joints. This can delay or prevent arthritis from afflicting the patient’s joints.

Articular Cartilage Repair Techniques

Michael J. Carlson, MD offers different techniques to treat damaged cartilages. These include:

• Microfracture – The team uses sharp tools in the injured joint to create holes, which stimulate a healing response. It triggers new blood supply, which assists in the growth of new cartilage.

• Drilling –The team drills holes in the affected area to perform a procedure similar to microfracture. This method is less precise and exposes the patient’s tissue to more heat.

• Abrasion Arthroplasty – The team uses an arthroscope to remove the damaged cartilage.

• Osteochondral Autograft Transplantation – The team takes a healthy cartilage graft from a different joint and transfers it to the damaged cartilage. This method is effective only for small cartilage defects.

• Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation – The team takes the cartilage from a donor and transfers it to the joint of the patient. The techniques work best for severe cartilage damage.

• Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation – The team takes healthy cartilage and sends it to a laboratory to be cultured. These cells form a larger patch, which is then implanted on the damaged cartilage.

About Michael J. Carlson, MD

Michael J. Carlson, MD leads a team of orthopedic specialists in Provo, Utah. He and his team provide excellent patient care ranging from physical therapy to orthopedic services. They address sports-related musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, as well. Patients who opt for their services will receive comprehensive care and services designed for their needs.

For appointments and inquiries, visit their website at http://www.michaelcarlsonmd.com/ today.

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