Boxing Training Center are HIIT Classes Melbourne Launches a New Program for Kids

Former IBO super featherweight Will Tomlinson and Australian Football League star Jay Milford-Robertson have created a program for kids at Tribute Boxing and Fitness Center designed to help them reach a level of personal pride and confidence while also understanding the principles of defending one’s self.

While not all can directly relate to the torment that some kids face, there are those who still understand the battles that some kids have endured. Maybe they have witnessed it or they have helped defend those who were unable to stand up for themselves. That’s the case of Will Tomlinson, who helped to put Tribute Boxing and Fitness together, not only to help young fighters to reach their goal of becoming champions one day, but also to help those who are looking to defend themselves and avoid the struggles that some have endured in the past.

Tomlinson is a world championship boxer, earning the IBO super featherweight title in 2011. He is considered an expert in the fine art of boxing, and has dedicated himself to giving back to others, much in the same way that others looked out for him as he was growing up.

This has included partnering with former Australian Football League star Jay Milford-Robertson to put thesegroup exercise Richmond and Melbourne training facilities together to help with the training and development of those who are reaching for the highest levels of success within their fields.

While both Tomlinson and Milford-Robertson want to help rising stars become champions, they also want to see boys and girls reach a level of confidence where they are not only able to defend themselves through boxing classes Melbourneand boxing classes Richmond, but understand the principles of building one’s inner strength through discipline.

Tomlinson explains, “It’s not about knocking heads. It’s about having inner strength, where you know that no one is able to knock you off your square because you can have pride in the person you are. Even if you are knocked down, you know you have nothing to feel ashamed about. That’s true strength, and is more important than being physically tough.”

While wanting young boys and girls to develop that inner strength, they also have opened a program to assist these youngsters in being able to defend themselves. Through the combination of inner strength and learning the art of self-defense, they two know that they can train the youth of the area in this very difficult time.

As part of the program, the two fitness gurus offer a number of different classes specifically designed to assist the youth in areas of development. By working off of the training techniques of renowned boxers such as Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali, as well as adding the lessons they learned from those who trained them. They know that they can have an impact on the development of the youth of Melbourne and Richmond.

“It isn’t easy being a kid,” Tomlinson explains. “We just want to give them greater confidence, so they can know that they have what it takes to succeed in life.” What a difference this boxing training Melbourne and Richmond is making.

Business Address:-

Tribute Boxing and Fitness

22 Grosvenor Street

Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia

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