EdjeTech Services Increases Productivity with Clean Coolant Recovery

Sullivan, Ohio, June 29, 2018: EdjeTech Services is pleased to showcase its Tube Mill Coolant Recovery System (TMCRS). Large machine shops, automotive manufacturing plants, tube mills and other manufacturing facilities can efficiently clarify large volumes of coolant at various process rates with this system. It will extend the life of fluids, thus reducing the need to replace them and clean equipment.

The TMCRS decontaminates the pit holding the mill coolant. It can be difficult and expensive to remove mill oils, grease and dirt from the pit. This system removes free-floating oils, mechanically dispersed oils and ferrous and non-ferrous particulates. It then sends clean coolant directly to the mill. With fresh, filtered coolant, the mill rollers will stay cleaner. Gauling will be reduced or eliminated. The welder and the impeder unit will run efficiently. In addition, it will extend the life of the pumps.

The TMCRS meshes well with systems that are already in place. It will remove bulk particulates to below 30 microns and tramp oil down to 1/4 of one percent by volume. By keeping the system clean, it will reduce the build-up of bacteria and fungus.

Owners and managers of manufacturing facilities will quickly discover the highly economical, field-driven performance of the TMCRS. It extends the life of coolant sump pumps and separates oils that can be sold or reused. It is compact and easy to use, with a quick return on investment.

EdjeTech Services’ goal is to help customers save money and eliminate coolant waste by educating their customers about fluid management and high efficiency filtration equipment to increase production with less waste.

Find out more about cutting waste and improving production by visiting EdjeTech’s website or by calling 800-242-0525.

About EdjeTech Services: EdjeTech Services assists manufacturing companies with issues around fluid management and waste fluid disposal. In addition to their Tube Mill Coolant Recovery System, they offer a wide variety of products. A sampling includes custom filtration systems, mist collectors and solid filtration systems.

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Company: EdjeTech Services
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