Five Reasons To Start A Business In Manchester

Starting a business can be daunting, but in the right environment, you can truly set your sights on success. Manchester has long been known as the go-to city for football and good music, but many companies are now realising the potential that the thriving city has. Just over two hours away from London by train, Manchester is fast becoming the go-to place to do business, so what are the reasons for starting a business in Manchester?


Access To A Wealth Of Talent

Manchester has four large universities on its doorstep, and with universities come extremely talented students. If you’re looking to start a business in Manchester, then there is no shortage of willing students looking to get their foot in the door, whether it be through volunteer work, and internship or a part-time job. Typically, the majority of students who study in the North have been drawn to London and the South. But, with the growing emphasis on the Northern Powerhouse and cheaper living rates in the North, many students are choosing to stay here.


Technology Growth

Manchester had a 20% growth in the number of startup technology companies between 2010 and 2013, making it one of the city’s biggest growing sectors. The expansion in areas such as network infrastructure and visual and audio design has led to some of the best tech success stories within the region and includes companies such as Boohoo, The Hut Group and

Although the market is competitive for tech employees, employers are able to work with well-qualified workers and offer them lower wages than they would in London. Manchester is a hub for technology development, and it’s now easier than ever for tech startups.


Co-Working Spaces

One of the greatest signs that a city is booming business-wise is the rise of co-working and shared office spaces. Many new startups are choosing shared working spaces to get their companies off the ground as they are much cheaper to rent than the traditional office space. Many come with great amenities that you wouldn’t expect in traditional offices, such as coffee shops, cafes and even bars. Co-working spaces offer companies the chance to network on a daily basis and meet with other like-minded workers and support other startup companies through events and collaborative efforts.


Support Networks

The Northern Powerhouse is proving to be hugely influential on the things happening within Manchester. Many companies are making waves throughout the North and provide great support events for other startup companies. Other support networks in the city are incredible and all do their part in hosting great events which are great for support small and new businesses. Network with the right people and you’ll be constantly supported with a wealth of knowledge and experience.


The City Itself

Manchester is a reason within itself for starting a business in the city. With great transport links and affordable housing both in and outside of the city, it’s a great place for employers and employees alike. The city is an energetic place to live and work and there is plenty to do here to keep you occupied, both for business and pleasure. With some of the best Manchester restaurants and bars located within minutes of each other in the centre, Manchester is a place that has everything at your fingertips.

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