How To See Triund On Your Budget?

Triund is one of the favourite tourist destinations, as it is predominantly known as the crown jewel of Dharamshala and your trip to McLeod Ganj, is nowhere without being to Triund trekking so whosoever is planning a trip to McLeod Ganj or to Dharamshala just can’t afford to miss on the trek to triund. This picturesque hill is located in the lapse of Dhaulaldar Ranges in the state of Himachal Pradesh will surely leave you spellbound with its enchanting beauty.

This salubrious hill will surely enthrall the trekkers and night campaigning will embrace the whole striking experience of your trip. You will be downed in the grandeur of the pristine dense forest and gushing water, which will intensify the memories you will accumulate on this trip. In order to make this trip more memorable by aiding you to cut the corners so that you can organize another trip soon we are sharing some guidelines to make it more rewarding.

Trip Partner Or Partners?

The foremost task before you plan a trip is to decide with whom you are supposed to go as this is what makes your trip special. So if in case you are planning a solo trip or just two of you are planning it, then let us apprise you that it can be a bit expensive, ergo you should plan it in a group so that the amount is distributed equally be it the rent of your stay or the outlays involved in buying food, conveyance and on other miscellaneous items.

Carry your own foodstuff

Triund is a very exorbitant place in terms of eateries due to the paucity of any café’s or restaurants in that area. You should carry your own foodstuff from homes like fruit juices, chips, biscuits and some packed snacks and drinks so that you don’t have to buy these products costing you a bomb. You will be dumbfounded to know that a plate of rajmachawal is of Rs. 150 and a plate of Maggie is Rs. 70 which gives you an explicit idea how buying these food items can cost you an arm and a leg.

Drink As Much As you want

Similarly, never forget to carry your own water bottle on any of the trips as it is very essential to keep your body hydrated and apart from that you may be  parched anytime and not certainly you find water everywhere on your way so better keep a water bottle with you and it as many times as you want. We also have another coherent reason also for doing so as the water bottle in Triund can cost you Rs. 50 which is available in Delhi for just Rs. 20 so why to pay an extortionate price for just a water bottle.

Heavenly Abode

You can also sojourn at Dharamshala which has a magnificent view just to freshen up before trekking and take a nap as the trail is rocky making you drained. This place is so alluring that you can spend as much time as you want to embrace the natural charm of the hills and Tibetan culture. The cost of Dharamshala is completely worth as it has got a majestic view at just Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 and after such a soothing ambience you must have recollected enough oomph to head towards trekking as that’s what you were eager for.

Book your accommodation in advance in order to avoid the hassle later on as most frequently rooms are not available in such places because it is a tourist attraction and especially for foreign visitors also. You can even contact local travel agents to help you in getting a room at marked down prices and assisting your travel too. You can even try checking for zoomcar offers to get a better deal for your travel.


Don’t plan when it is wrapped up

The best time to visit Triund hills is during March to June but you can plan anytime in a year except in the months of January and February due to heavy snowfall as it is even closed during this time period. But we will recommend you to avoid during the peak timings as it is palpable you will have to face soar prices. Apart from this, the availability of rooms is also stumbling block so it is prudent to avoid a trip when it is bustling.

More cutbacks in Budget

For accommodation, you get the facility of tents which are available at Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 per person which can be avoided too. You can carry your own tent and enjoy trekking with the minimum cost and if this option doesn’t suit you then you can opt for a forest rest house at the top where you can rest. You will have multiple options there, but the best is you can pitch in your own tent as those options are subject to availability and you should make your own arrangements way in advance with the local travel agencies or carry your own stuff to avoid a knotty situation then.

I don’t need a guide

Another way to economize the trip is by not hiring a guide or a porter as trek doesn’t need one. There may be some difficulty during trekking when the weather is snowy but otherwise, you can forge ahead on your own and also trail will be well marked and crowded to aid you better but avoid wandering away.

Trekking without Trekking shoes

Usually, the shoes which are preferred while trekking is ankle high hiking shoes or we can say trekking shoes which prevent any injuries or ankle meandering while trekking due to an uneven surface. But those shoes are just meant for trekking and can be extravagant, but you can choose to be frugal enough and opt for sports shoes which can be worn after trekking trip and they also do equally well in terms of trekking also.

Splendid Vista is just a great giveaway

The aforementioned ways can help you scrimp and save a good amount so that it can be utilized for your next trip subsequently you have a complete guide to accomplish triund trekking with imperishable memories. The beguiling Triund hills will assuredly prove to be a true treasure</a></b> for all the trekkers and you will be captivated with green forest and aesthetic eyeshot’s. This place will certainly be a treat for your eyes and at the same time, you get this panorama in cut-prices.

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