Get ready to book Southern Tanzania Safari with Friends of Africa Family Safari

Friends of Africa Family Safari possess excellent knowledge and outstanding familiarity with varied destinations in Southern Tanzania. They offer safari enthusiasts a unique way of exploring the incredible Southern Tanzania Safari at ease!

From the wildebeest migration to walking to photography or camping, Southern Tanzania safari requires a great deal of dedication, creativity, and expert guided service to fulfill any safari desire. Friends of Africa Family Safari will be with you in every step of the way and have the finest potential to meet your Southern Tanzania safari desire. They have the most up-to-date information and firsthand experience about Southern Tanzania safaris. With the personalized service, they can give you the best trip which is not only unique but meets your travel style.

Friends of Africa Family Safari have a vast experience in the Southern Tanzania Safari’s and apply it to provide you with precise safari itinerary for you. They traveled out to each destination what they sell regularly; therefore, their knowledge of Southern Tanzania safari is second to none. Their presentations are so informative and highly recommended! They also help clients to find the best deals possible for the best lodges available. Focusing on unique interests of travelers, Africa Family Safari is dedicated to providing clients with their favorite Southern Tanzania safari experiences. Appointing very experienced tour guides, they allow travel enthusiasts to gain knowledge about travel and wildlife opportunities in Southern Tanzania

Few words from Friends of Africa Family Safari “Travel is our passion and our goal is to give you the Tanzania Safari as a lifetime experience because we know the potential of your journey. We have a firsthand experience to manage safaris in Southern Tanzania better than anyone. We know our country from its root and share that knowledge to meet the personal taste and safari experience for all our clients. From the wildebeest migration to walking safaris or from photography to camping safari, we offer you expert guides at every stage of your journey. Our expert team knows the hidden gems and stunning location that is of great value for many and worth of visit. Our team members are always up-to-date on the latest developments in the safari world with a purpose to serve you in a much better way. We do not own or work with a specific group of properties but we just pick what is best for you”

About the Company
Friends of Africa Family Safari are reputable tours & safari operators work with a desire to put the best service before clients. They are specializing in authentic Southern Tanzania safari and honest in their service for both backpackers and high-end travelers. Each of their Southern Tanzania safari trips is always new and different with full enthusiasm for an unrepeatable safari experience.

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