Talbot, Kruё-Rowe & Hill Private Advisory Services will pursue a multi-family office licence registration in Seychelles

Julian Krue – Vice-Chairman of Talbot, Kruё-Rowe & Hill has posted that the firm’s board has approved the plan to pursue the transformation to a multi-family office, registering in the Republic of Seychelles.

The transaction is set to commence at the end of 2018 and Mr. Xavier Tien Weng – Executive VP of Market Compliance has been appointed to spearhead the process of research, assessment and filling. He will be assisted by Elian Alber – Chief Senior Investment Advisory Officer and Representative Advisor in the Board.

Talbot, Kruё-Rowe & Hill Private Wealth Advisory Deputy President, ****** Head of Investment and CIO-International, Karl Ebel said during the announcement meeting.

“We strongly believe that this evolution to a MFO will help us better manage our client relations and offer more in-depth, comprehensive services with lesser costs and much more ease.”

“We are all extremely excited and we look forward to be able to serve better our clients”

This follows the earlier in the year strategy tilt toward the Chinese market.

Talbot, Kruё-Rowe & Hill Private Wealth Advisory further leverages its research advantage with institutional discipline in portfolio construction.

Looking beyond crowded trades, the China equity team invests with high conviction
in growth stocks with the potential for sustainable returns.

Talbot, Kruё-Rowe & Hill Private Wealth Advisory Deputy President, ****** Head of Investment and CIO-International, Karl Ebel said, “China is transforming quickly, and we believe it is most prudent to invest in it as a stock-picker. We have widened and deepened our bench strength in China equity, buildinga team with experience that is bespoke to China’sevolving nature and stage of development.

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