Little Knights Offers Baby Care Centre in Los Angeles Easing the Transition to New Parenthood

Los Angeles, 25 September 2018: If you desire to ease the transition into new parenthood in the most effective and innovative manner then you must not look any further than Little Knights. The baby care centre in Los Angeles of Little Knights offers you all that is required for having such a easy transition by means of enriching classes, guidance, and shared experiences.

The endeavor they have taken

Little Knight’s endeavors to create a space for families to gather in community at their baby care centre in Los Angeles. A place where parents can come together, gain new skills, new friendships and be supported as they tend to their little ones. Little Knights is an all-inclusive Parent + Me Center.

The expectations that you can have

Weekly discussion by groups at their baby care centre in Los Angeles provide a supportive community for parents to learn about child development, parenting topics, offer knowledge, guidance, classes, breast feeding resources & super cool products while bonding with your baby and community. They offer a plethora of classes including pregnancy and childbirth preparation, baby care, breastfeeding classes, mom fitness & health, musical playgroups, popular lectures from leaders in their field.

Their focus is to have a safe and enriching community for our children and families here at Little Knights; therefore, they do not foster a drop-in/walk-in environment as this presents a challenge to their focus.

One of the spokespersons of Little Knights said, “We encourage parents to sign-up for classes at our baby care centre in Los Angeles, come often and stick with it! This effort over a minimum of two months per class ensures success for both parent and child for the long-term.”

The parent classes and workshop that they held

Parent exercise classes are open to any parent. Parents can attend with or without their child. They provide the gear for each class, from boxing gloves to yoga mats. You just show up ready for a great workout. Classes are designed to work a different part of the body; a whole body approach. You can come to any number of classes you choose. Class passes allow flexibility to create your own workout routine.

Los Angeles-based healer and teacher Candace Silvers organizes the workshop at their baby care centre in Los Angeles. In this workshop it is possible that many ailments can be remedied right on the spot, but the most exciting part is to actually, experience it.

The facilities that you have access to

Their playground is covered in eco-friendly artificial padded grass, a mini sand castle, water tables, swings, bubble machine, “Cooling-Cloud” misters, mind blowing bubble water feature, outdoor sink and super cool sun shade. The Womb Room in their baby care centre in Los Angeles is all about comfort for all parents, an escape from the day-to-day.

About Little Knights

Little Knights is an organization who beyond their walls, outside of their programs, are a community-based organization, a destination where lively events are held, a kingdom that is involved and a collective that gives back.

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