Silk Threads offers the Indian menswear in Dallas reflecting the cultural significance

When you buy Indian menswear in Dallas from Silk Threads, you can expect to have best of collections reflecting Indian tradition at an affordable rate.

Men’s Indian garments are recognized by its utilization of wonderful woven textures, complicated weavings and magnificent outlines. Like all Indian dress, men’s wear as well, has a long and artistically significant history. A large number of the most well known Indian menswear in Dallas from Silk Threads, for example, the sherwani and the kurta, have exceptionally intriguing stories behind their origination and presentation into standard Indian form. Over time, they have consolidated numerous awesome developments into men’s outfits. Today, Indian dress for men from them is among the most sorts after around the globe. Wearing conventional men’s ethnic wear is an extraordinary method for grasping the social legacy of India and yet staying aware of the most recent fashion trend when you buy Indian menswear in Dallas from Silk Threads.

The desire that makes them offer the best

Ruby Bhandari founded Silk Threads, Inc. out of her personal desire and need for fashionable Indian menswear in Dallas that reflected her Indian heritage, but also spoke to her Western sensibilities. Born in New York and raised in Austin, Texas, Ruby started Silk Threads while still pursuing her degree at the University of Texas at Austin. This desire of offering the best traditional Indian clothing make them the one best suited when you think to buy Indian menswear in Dallas.

The uniqueness of their collections

One of the spokespersons of Silk Threads said, “Ruby did not just want to create garments – she obsessed on taking the timeless elements of Indian culture – the vibrant colors, the opulent weaves, the regal fabrics, the graceful motifs and the exquisite styles of embroideries – and bring Indian menswear in Dallas to a wider audience. Decades before Hollywood discovered Indian artisanal weaves and embellishments, Ruby of Silk Threads had started innovating, using a mix of traditional and modern design elements to bring to her clients one of a kind pieces – each of which could tell a different story.”

About Silk Threads

Silk Threads is the outcome of Ruby’s realization that there was an under-served market for high-end designs for the growing South Asian-American community – so she decided to open her own manufacturing units in India to better provide the level of service and quality workmanship that she and her clients had come to expect.

So, to have the best of Indian menswear while seating at Dallas you need to call Silk Thread dialing +1 972-432-9599.

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