E-Sports Market Size, Share, Competitive Analysis, Growth Rate and Opportunities by 2023

The growing numbers of audience attending real-life tournaments, and watching e-sports online, are the major drivers for the growth of the e-sports market. Approximately 85% male and 15% female, with 60% of spectators between the age group of 18- 34, contribute to the ****** e-sport market. Organized competitions have been a part of video game culture for long, and their popularity has been increasing.

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North America and Europe dominates the ****** e-sports market, with more number of people attending real-life tournaments and watching e-sports online. According to Superdata (a playable media and games market research organization), almost half of e-sports observers in the U.S., primarily use Twitch.tv, the world’s major live streaming website for sports game content. Approximately half of e-sports spectators participate in certain type of competitive gaming, mostly through online platforms. However, the market for e-sports by the number of users playing electronic games has been dominated by Asia-Pacific.

The ****** e-sports market can be divided on the basis of spectator viewership, and type of games. The type of games can be further divided into fighting games, first-person shooters, real-time strategy, sports games, multiplayer online battle arena and others. Teenagers are highly involved in earning millions through gaming, and signing lucrative sponsorship deals, thus getting more inclined towards making their future in the field of gaming. Investment in innovative business models, platforms, and derivative businesses, further drive growth in the competitive e-sport gaming.

Social gaming site Raptr states that “League of Legends” holds approximately 19.97% share of PC games played, which puts it in highest spot for the world’s most widespread game. The original Counter-Strike was launched in 1999, and has been a main of computer gaming ever since. Dota 2 is another major game, which is helping professionals to make a big earning. This game is best suited for professionals who want to earn cash with their gaming skills. Other dominant e-sport games are Call of Duty, Starcraft 2 and FIFA.

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