Sailing Greece made possible by Naleia Yachting gives you the pleasure to enjoy the off beaten tracks at an affordable rate

Naleia Yachting offers the best possible options for sailing in Greece to have a vacation, which is full of fun and excitement.

When you wish to have an exciting and fun filled vacation in Greece then you need not look any further than Naleia Yachting. Sailing in Greece with them would give you the pleasure of navigating through hilly islands, turquoise coves and gives a chance to spot some Dolphins. It is not the end here they have much more to offer.

The concept that Naleia Yachting shares with you

They like to feel the joy of living. They love to encounter new experiences and new horizons every day. They believe that happiness is most true when shared. That is what you can expect when you are sailing in Greece with them. In case you miss that feeling, they have the travel for you. They put you on a yacht with like-minded people. While sailing in Greece you will set out for the adventure of discovering coastlines along the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

The sailing route that Naleia Yachting follows

While sailing in Greece they are faithful to the true sailing spirit, therefore they plan exact stopovers together with the wind and weather. Their trips are not a planned itinerary, which is always the same. Such a journey makes sailing in Greece adventurous and fun filled.

The Ancient Track route will lead you along the Saronic Islands, where you navigate through hilly islands, turquoise coves and might possibly spot some Dolphins. You discover ancient places with Greek temples, wild bays where youanchor overnight and snorkel first thing in the morning. Your evenings will be exciting while strolling in little towns and villages where you dine on freshly caught seafood having your tables out in the cobblestone streets that have seen thousands of years of history already.

One of the spokespersons of Naleia Yachting said, “We start our sailing in Greece adventure nearby a cradle of philosophy and democracy. Arrival is easy as our marina; Marina Alimos in Kalamaki is situated only 45minutes from the airport and you can reach it by taking only one bus. The marina is a bit out of town, so if you want to take time to discover this great multi faceted city, please do arrive a day of two earlier. We plan to provision the yacht, meet the crew and leave the marina as early as possible to sail into the wild already on check-in day.”

The excitement that awaits you

The excitement that awaits you while sailing in Greece is the international mix of cultures, characters and creativity on board. It can give a tremendous boost to the whole trip when people realize that they can co-create the trip.

About Naleia Yachting

Naleia Yachting helps you to detach from reality. They help you to snorkel in azure waters, see places of incomparable beauty and socialize with other Naleians. They sail from town to town visiting postcard-like bays along the way and make you be part fo the experience

So, when you wish to have such an exciting and fun filled vacation in Greece contact Naleia Yachting dialing +43 681 814 033 13.

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