Top Places that makes music go viral

Organize a plan as it is required to be successful when wanting to make money as a musician. Before the places are listed, assure a budget is in place.


Do not expect miracles with a budget of $1,000! However, a budget of at least a one thousand dollars can assist in making some noise and going a viral. Once the music is going viral, it’s up to the individual on how to capitalize on it.


Before the plan rolls out:


  1. Get a marketing plan in order. (Giving you do not know how or don’t want to do it) Get one completed so “Goals” are set.


  1. Get music register at the right places such as (BDS encoding, Mediabase, Soundscan and others).


  1. Assure the most popular social media are maximized!

Get a100,000 followers on all platform, is an effective place to begin.


  1. Get Several articles written up about you in great news outlets, this then can lead to a Wikipedia article. (Assure a biography, Great Pictures and Touring information is available)


  1. Understand how to get an individual to listen to your music for at least 30 seconds. Do not just focus on one platform. (Find out the type of people that listen to a given platform and why then market accordingly)


  1. Not wanting to do 1-5; there are companies that will assist you in getting this completed.


Top Places Found with great pricing:


Fiverr: 1


Seoclerk 2:


Zeeker 3:


Imastercopy 4:


Google search 5:


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