The present-day system of education is heavily focused on a rank-based system rather than a value-based one. Students are driven by rivalry to the extent of animosity by competing with their peers.

Parents’ unhealthy predisposition to their children becoming relentlessly ambitious only aggravates this toxic culture.

The Gurukul system of education as compared to a rank-based system, encapsulating builds a value-based and value-added education system. It recognizes the uniqueness of each student and empowers them to excel in their area of interest. A much healthier educational environment is provided to promote building character of a student by helping them reach their own potential and growth without crushing their individuality with fierce competition. Acknowledging these values, Krupanidhi Pre-University College, one of the top PUC Colleges in Bangalore follows a Gurukul education system.

At Krupanidhi PUC, the Gurukul system of learning draws largely on practical learning and learning through experience. Unlike other systems of education the Gurukul system promotes the spirit of thought and moral conscience.

The tremendous pressure and competitiveness students face today restricts holistic development. This is not the case in a Gurukul system, where emphasis on acquiring knowledge and applying what is learnt takes precedence over getting ahead of others.

The system works on the holistic development of a child, inculcating values such as discipline, self- reliance, empathy, and creativity. Introducing children to such an atmosphere at an early age helps them sharpen the analytic skills. This helps develop critical thinking, giving them an edge over their peers early on.

During the late teens- between ages of 16-18, students are particularly easily influenced by their learning environment and atmosphere. The gurukul system is perfect at such a time and creates balanced young individuals.

At Krupanidhi, age-old concepts have seamlessly merged with modern culture to facilitate a robust learning environment for students. It is this environment that features Krupanidhi among the best PUC Colleges in Bangalore.