Majestic Hardwood Floors Offers Best of Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Charlotte, NC at an Affordable Rate

When you require specialize in hardwood floor installation, dust free hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood floor repairs and restoration then you need not look any further than Majestic Hardwood Floors as they offer best quality hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC.

The experience they share

With years of experience & expertise in the field, they are equipped to meet all your requirements and it is their goal that you are satisfied with their work. Their partisanship and timeliness are guaranteed so you can be sure that you are dealing with a professional team.

The services they offer

The hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC that they offer are slightly different for the two main types of hardwood floors. Majestic Hardwood Floors using a dust containment system has thrown that method of collecting dust out the window, while offering the refinishing of pre-finished hardwood. Their dust containment system is a totally new and innovative solution to the problem. Dust bags do not work so they got rid of them. Without a bag, sanding machines breathe easier and there is no back pressure, so dust is picked up at the floor where it should be. The result allow for a clean surface when preparing your floors for application of stain and finish and further eliminates the concerns for any air borne dust settling into the finish after it has been applied as was the case with the old bag method.

One of the spokespersons of Majestic Hardwood Floors said, “Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities while offering hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC. Therefore, we section off the areas to be treated in order to protect your home and prevent sanding dust from spreading during the sanding and refinishing process.” He also said, “We also use special dust containment system (DOS) to limit the amount of dust that gets in the air. It is also important to have as little airflow as possible to prevent airborne particles from becoming embedded in the newly applied finish.”

He further said, “For floors with limited surface wear, we offer screening also known as buff and topcoat or top coating, which is a basic freshening of your floor’s surface. Screening enables the surface to receive another coat of finish. However, with waxed hardwood floors, this process cannot be used unless all the wax is removed.”

He ensured that having their hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte, NC your floors look fantastic and that you are completely satisfied.

About Majestic Hardwood Floors

Majestic Hardwood Floors started early in 2002, they are a team of professionals continuously working towards building a trustful, transparent & responsible business which can meet all your flooring requirements big or small. Their qualified & experienced team strives to ensure that our customer needs are fully met.

To have their affordable and best quality services please do call Majestic Hardwood Floors at 704-497-4424.

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