Dhwani Academy Creates Confident Singers

Apart from mesmerizing the audiences with their soulful singing, Dhwani is also creating many confident singers to mesmerize music lovers the world over. To make this a bigger reality, it has set up an academy that is entrusted with raising the bar in the world of musical education and setting a new benchmark. This initiative is already creating waves in the music industry scene.

The Academy Team comprises a knowledgeable, inspired and musical bunch responsible for  taking the remarkable ethos forward. It provides all it takes to achieve excellence in music. This clarity in approach comes as a source of energy to pursue the big dream. The Academy upholds the core belief that music is a divine gift to nourish, nurture and share with all. The teaching methods are based on individual needs and desired outcomes – taking lessons as a recreational jig, preparing for music contests or becoming a professional musician.

Dhwani conducts a ‘Singing stars’ workshop over three days. It is a classroom program. Once enrolled, students receive information kit they need to get started.  Dhwani Academy has a clear set of objectives to achieve. It has to mentor in multiple aspects. Better control and projection of voice, breathing techniques, add expression and modulation to the voice, stagecraft, learn how to use the voice to its full potential, identify one’s practice scale and voice range, learn voice maintenance exercises and techniques, improve mic handling techniques, achieve the ability to reach higher and lower notes with ease.

After the completion of the course, students are able to sing with aplomb. Pitch gets better, higher control over voice, success in voice modulation, lower notes and higher notes reached with ease, more clarity of singing, no vocal damages, increased range of voice, no shaking of voice, and singing confidently in front of large audiences.

It shows there are so many key aspects a singer has to gain mastery over. A professional team alone can impart the best lessons for creating confident singers. With a musical journey spanning over 14 years, with more than 1500 live shows and recordings, Dhwani is the right platform that nurtures young musical talent. Their inspired and passionate teaching methods hone the skills of talented singers who learn a lot about presenting themselves on the stage. They get to experience an all-encompassing approach to become stage-ready and rock the show.

Students who passed out of the Academy have already become successful in television music shows and are shaping their careers in the music world. Dhwani has been the best thing that happened early in life and it gave the right pitch and direction to groom them with confidence.

If there is a talented singer around you, spread the good word to enable his talent to find the right nurturing platform that makes him gain expertise to scale up his prospects as a singer par excellence.

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