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Akuamma comes from Tropical Africa and is used in their local hospitals for Pain Relief and as an Anti – Inflammatory.  It was discovered by the SandBushman and used by their Shaman because of its relieving attributes

Oasis is a proprietary blend of Akuamma and another plant material from South Africa.  It is called Sceletium Tortuosum. (more about this in our articles section)  The mix of these two incredible ethnobotanicals that synergystically work together to provide relief from Pain, Anxiety, Stress Depression, Arthritis, ADHD, and works also as an anti inflammatory.  1 or 2 capsules will generally give you 10-12 hours from the above.

Have you used Kratom before?  Wonder what you will do if the ban does take affect or you already live in a banned state or country. These are not the same as Kratom, are legal in all 50 states, work very effectively but do not expect that they are a direct replacement.  They do many of the same things but they come from very different plants.

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Akuamma 100 qty – 600mg Capsules for Pain Relief, Anti-Inflamatory, and Muscle Relaxation

Akuamma or Picralima Nitida

This is for a 100 capsule bottle of Akuamma Capsules Approximately

  • 600 mg each size 0 Vegetarian Capsules
  • No fillers
  • 90% as effective and lasts twice as long as MaEng Da
  • Legal in all 50 states

Akuamma is the common name for the fruit tree Picralima Nitida that grows in the Tropical are of West Africa.  It is the plant genus Apocynaceae.   The benefits that come from the dried seed of the fruit, were first discovered by the medicine men and more recently is being used in traditional medicine throughout West African Hospitals.  The seeds are crushed or powdered, encapsulated and taken orally.  The powder can be used to make tea, but do to its extreme bitter taste, it must be sweetened extensively with natural sweeteners.

It is used predominantly as an anti- inflammatory, for pain relief and as a muscle relaxant.

The plant produces alkaloids Pericine and Akuammine and have the same structure as Yohimbine and Mitragyna

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