****** Bike Helmets Market Opportunity’s and Outlook Analysis to 2023

****** Bike Helmets Market Overview:

Helmets are useful and essential as safety equipment to prevent or minimize injuries to the head and brain in an uncontrolled environment when using a motorcycle or a two-wheeled vehicle. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 900 people, including more than 200 children, die each year from road accidents and approximately 60% of these deaths are due to head injuries. Helmets can protect from any accidental impacts and save life. The high-end helmets for motorcycles are made of a superior quality material, which is much more comfortable for the driver compared to the material used in basic helmets. It has several features such as Bluetooth and GPS.

****** Bike Helmets Market Size:

According to our report, the size of ****** Bike Helmets Market was worth USD XX Million in 2017 and this value predicted to grow USD XX Million by 2023 growing at a CAGR value of XX% during the forecast timespan.

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****** Bike Helmets Market – Drivers and Restraints:

Several factors support the growth of the ****** market for motorcycle helmets. The increased risk of accidents and the increasing use of two-wheeled vehicles is driving the market growth. Most countries have made the use of helmets compulsory during driving, resulting in a more promising demand over the coming years. The growing interest of children and young adults in driving bicycles and bikes is fueling the market. In addition, road safety promotions and celebrity announcements and interests in safe driving support market growth. The increase in disposable income and per capita income also contribute to the growth of the market in developing countries.

****** Bike Helmets Market – Geographic Segmentation:

Based on geography, the world market for helmets is segmented into regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Europe is the ****** leader with a market share of almost 35.42% in 2017. After Europe, the United States is the second largest consumer market with a market share of 30.18%. In addition, it is estimated that the Asia-Pacific region will grow faster with a decent compound annual growth rate over the years due to the compulsory use of helmets while riding the two-wheelers in economies such as India and China.

Some of the top companies operating in the ****** Bike Helmets Market are:

Major players competing in the market include Vista Outdoor, Specialized, Dorel, Trek Bicycle, MET, Limar, Giant, POC, Orbea, KASK, Uvex, Rudy Project, SCOTT Sports, Locatelli, HardnutZ, Merida, and ABUS among others.

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Key Takeaways from this Report:

  • For different product types, end-use applications and industry verticals, offers calculated growth rates (CAGR %), Volume (Units), and Value ($M) in each region to estimate the market potential.
  • Identify various driving factors, constraints and untold opportunities that can impact the ****** marketplace
  • Know the position of your competitor based on the market shares, financial performance, strategical approaches, SWOT, product benchmarking and so on.
  • Increase overall revenue by understanding the geographical impact on sales and distribution channels.
  • Evaluate the increase in values at each step of industry supply chain to improve process efficacy and optimize the value.
  • Understand the market dynamics of leading players like deals, partnerships, new products, mergers and acquisitions in the last four years.
  • Estimate the gaps in supply-demand, statics involved in import-export, and regulatory framework of the worldwide market in over 20 top nations.

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