Simplify packing and save space with packing cubes

A great way to stay organized and get the best out of your bag’s space is to use packing cubes for your stuff. It’s quite simple, they are made by fabric or other materials, come in many sizes and would serve to fit a typical bag perfectly and by so save a lot of space.

Let’s suppose that someone has a bag that would fit three 14 inches packing cubes. In one they can put their personal clothes, in another cube the clothes of another person and in the third one different toiletries and things like chargers, a lantern, batteries and so on.

Order is achieved by keeping things separate and every inch of the bag’s space is used at it’s best because stuff is strongly kept together in these cubes. By rolling up clothes even more, space can be saved. Things easily accessible and unpacking the whole bag won’t be necessary for getting out just a single pair of pants.

Packing cubes are accessible in many places and they are very cheap. For some packing cubes examples and great tips on how to best use them for their maximum benefit anyone can access PreTravel’s article at the following link:

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