****** Digital Scent Technology Market Expected to Grow USD 1,080 million by 2023

Developments in virtual reality augment the ****** Digital Scent Technology Market:

The ****** digital scent technology market is projected to reach USD 1,080 million at a CAGR of over 30% by the end of the forecast period 2017-2023.

****** Digital Scent Technology Market Overview

The digital scent technology uses computer equipment such as a scent synthesizer and an electronic nose to detect and produce various types of odors. The electronic nose is an assortment of gas sensors, such as field effect transistor (MOSFET) sensors, fiber optic sensors, piezoelectric sensors and polymer sensors. Electronic noses are widely used by end users, such as medical care, the military and defence, as well as food and beverages. Fragrance synthesizers use a cartridge to produce odors. The electronic nose market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years due to continuous technological development and cost reduction.

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****** Digital Scent Technology Market-Drivers and Restraints:

The digital scent technology market is powered by different characteristics, such as the evaluation of the superiority of raw materials through the electronic nose in the food and beverage sector and the electronic nose device for clinical analysis. The substitutes used to distinguish explosives in military and defense applications, as well as the high price of the digital fragrance experience, are the most important aspects for this market. These factors act as obstacles to the development of the ****** market of experts in digital fragrances. The most used devices in the military and security market support the digital scent technology market. The most important inhibitors for the digital scent technology market are the chemicals that can affect human health and the variability of the air flow.

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****** Digital Scent Technology Market-Segmentation:

The ****** digital scent technology market has been divided into three main categories, product, hardware device and end user. The peripheral section includes a perfume synthesizer and an electronic nose. The final products section includes the scent screen, the music and video games, the quality control product, the mobile phone, the explosives detector and the medical diagnostic product. The end user section includes the areas of health, marketing, entertainment, communication, food and beverages, education, military and defense, among others.

The market, by geographical area, has been divided into different regions such as Europe, North America, Rest of the World and the Asia Pacific, and North America accounts for most of the market. North America leads the digital scent technology market due to the presence of key players in this region. On the other hand, it is expected that the European market will grow at an accelerated pace in the coming years.

Key players Reported in ****** Digital Scent Technology Market Report:

Some of the prominent players of the market include Smiths Detection Inc., Scent Sciences Corporation, AMS AG, Alpha MOS SA, Electronics Sensor Technology, ScentSational Technologies LLC, Scentcom Ltd., AIRSENSE Analytics GmbH, and The eNose Company.\

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