Arts Program In Killeen, TX

Killeen, TX/2018: Arts programs, if encouraged at a younger age, have been shown to have amazing results in boosting creativity and imagination. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas helps kids discover their hidden talents by offering them a variety of art activities to indulge in after school.

Founded in 1964, the club has since then been committed towards providing various programs and experiences to the youth to help them in attaining their full potential as responsible and productive citizens. At present, the club consists of over 25 sites spread over 8 communities across Central Texas.

Arts Program

• National Fine Arts Exhibit Program: The program is designed for the kids between the age group of 6-18 years. It includes activities like painting, collage making, mixed media, sculpture, drawing, printmaking and more. Selected items are displayed at BGCA events annually. The work of the winning artists is featured in BCGA’s virtual gallery.
• ImageMakers National Photography Contest: This program is organized for 6-18 year-old kids. It consists of black and white, colour, digital and alternative process photography. The club includes photography programs, annual photography contests, exhibitions at BGCA National Conference and other venues and events, tools and fun interactive activities like virtual camera, online photo contests and more.
• Digital arts suite and festivals: It consists of Web Tech (Web Page design), Photo Tech (photo illustration), Design Tech (graphic design), music tech and movie tech (writing screenplays, filming and editing digital movies).
• Summer music camp for teens: This program is held for the youth aged 13-18 with an interest in music and poetry. It is held in partnership with the Texas Music Foundation and consists of activities like writing lyrics and writing music under the guidance of professional artists and poets. Kids go on Rustic tent camping, canoe trips and open MIC nights under this program.
• Drama matters: This is a drama education program in collaboration with Turner Network Television. Its aim is to raise awareness about drama education.

Other activities at The Club

• Education and career activities
• Character and leadership activities
• Health and wellness programs
• Sports, Fitness and recreation

For more information, you can visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX 76541 or call at (254) 699-5808(Ext: 102). You can also log on to

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