Thrifty Garage Door Offers Prompt Garage Door Repair in All of the Greater Vancouver Area

Look around your house and you will possibly find that your garage door is the largest moving object, apart from the vehicle that you park inside your garage. Opening and closing it every day, will ultimately lead to garage door repair in Vancouver. While ‘DIY’ is the mantra of a lot of home owners these days, there are still some tasks that are just too risky and dangerous and must be done by hiring a professional service provider and garage door repair is one of them.

“Your safety and the safety of those around you is important, and at Thrifty Garage Door Repair our professionals are acquainted with the risk of garage door installation and repair. For example, your overhead door springs can be very dangerous to service, repair or replace. Our technicians at Thrifty Garage Door are trained and have the expertise to repair and replace any garage door in the safest manner. Spring replacement is one of the most common repairs for a malfunctioning garage door as your springs are lifting the weight of a large garage door. A garage door opener can lift several pounds of weight.

This may differ depending on the horsepower of your opener, height, width and material of your garage door. So the more horsepower your garage door has, the bigger the weight opener will lift. Given that your springs are performing all the heavy lifting work, it is no surprise that broken springs are the most common issue faced when a garage door needs repair or replacement” said a spokesperson for Thrifty Garage Door.

Our experienced technicians at Thrifty Garage Door can easily recognize if your garage door spring is extension or torsion, examine garage door issue, and repair your garage door safely and in a timely manner. There are many spring associated injuries consequence from amateur repairing and improper tools used during repair. It is highly recommended for homeowners to leave spring replacement and garage door repair to our qualified door maintenance and repair technicians. Our local family business means we arrive quickly at your home and we are familiar with the communities. With more than 20 years in business, you are in expert hands! No matter what make or model of garage door you have, we can fix, service or install on the day you call and visit – .

About the company:

Thrifty Garage Doors, a local family owned garage door company in Vancouver, offers both residential and commercial garage door services in all of the Greater Vancouver.

Contact Information:

Thrifty Garage Door Repair

Address: 211-1650 barclay st , Vancouver BC v6g 1k1

Phone: (604)901-7676



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