Event Activation Made Simple with Promo People

Companies that would like to activate their brand through strategic presence at events will find Promo People’s full turnkey process will cover every aspect of the marketing program. Promo People will work out all the small details beginning with understanding the overall event marketing strategy, understanding the target audience, designing graphics and displays, staffing the booth, and gathering leads at the event.

Promo People has brand ambassadors and event staff who are authentically invested in campaigns and will work harder to spread the brand’s message to potential customers. As a seasoned event marketer, it is easy and efficient to engage them so that all aspects of the campaign is centralised. If there are events at multiple locations during the same timeframe, Promo People will work out how to arrange staff and displays, ensure the assets are managed, resources like permits, electricity, water, internet among others are arranged. All of the planning will ensure the event is managed smoothly.

Promotional events are dynamic affairs. Not only are event goers themselves constantly coming and going, but unplanned incidents can throw a spoke in the wheel of even the most meticulously organised event. Promo People’s experienced event staff responds proactively to problems and can manage trade shows, festivals, conferences, activations, product launches and other major events. They can help manage all event and activation planning, permits, insurance & logistics for various locations around the country including CBD/Council sites, train stations, universities, supermarkets, stadiums, in-stores, airports, shopping centres and convention centres.

Companies looking for brand ambassadors, event staff, product sampling, event production, logistics planning or anything else in between will find Promo People one of the most reliable agency in the business. Their extensive staff portfolio, and experience of over a decade working with major brands and advertising agencies allows them to manage unique events.

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Promo People can be contacted on 0403658969

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