Arctic Heat Pumps Offers Cost-Effective Cold Weather Heat Pumps With Variable Speed EVI Compressor

10th Dec 2018 – Arctic Heat Pumps, an expert supplier of spa/pool heat pumps, hydronic heaters, and buffer tanks from Winnipeg, Canada, offers the most modern and cost-effective cold weather heat pumps using the industry best EVI compressors with variable speed input. Unlike traditional air source heat pumps, these hydronic heat pumps have flexible features to go well with both ductless and ducted heating systems. The use of Variable Speed EVI DC compressors enables the Arctic cold climate heat pumps to operate continuously without losing their performance efficiencies measured in COP. One unit can heat your hot tub, pool, home, and domestic hot water even down to -25 C (-15F). It can start easily, stop and regulate the speed according to the climate condition. While seamlessly functioning with multiple heating zones and integrating with pools and hot tubs with the help of titanium heat exchangers you will find the Arctic weather heat pumps to be an economical heating and cooling solution.

Heat pump technology is nothing new which follows the principle of refrigeration cycle that is already found in the Air Conditioners.  The Arctic cold weather heat pumps are no doubt maintain a revolutionary design in making the best systems to control the home heating and cooling needs. They make a far more efficient unit when it comes to giving more energy output than the input. Apart from great cost savings, a cold climate heat pump ensures unequaled performance too. It means you never require a separate heater and air conditioner to living comfortably in your home or business. Arctic series cold weather heat pumps are available in 3 different sizes and prices perfectly fit for harsh conditions in Canada and US. Make sure to order one which is suitable enough to manage your residential/commercial heating and cooling needs.

Our Arctic cold climate heat pumps contain EVI DC Inverter compressors to produce the highest possible COP in the industry. Even if the temperature is as low as -20 C, these hydronic heat pumps feature a COP more than 2. This kind of efficiency proves that for every 1 KW of energy input the heat pump gives 2 KW of energy output. It results in lowering your heating cost by half. Some of the homeowners reside in warmer temperature condition where our Arctic cold climate heat pumps can perform efficiently too. Their COP will be equal to 3.5 at 0 C, cutting their energy bill by 70%. It is even possible to combine up to 5 such cold climate heat pumps to make larger heating systems for your use,” said a spokesperson of Arctic Heat Pumps.

Arctic Heat Pumps for cold climate don’t just use the best components but are also capable to automatically change the operating frequency of the compressors for precise temperature control. They can fasten the heating or cooling time for absolute comfort. You can serve them with the help of any HVAC or AC mechanic and procure their replacement parts from any local wholesaler. To learn about the full range of Arctic cold weather heat pumps, consider clicking on

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Arctic Heat Pumps is a licensed distributor of most cost-efficient and advanced Arctic Series Cold weather Heat pumps that are built with revolutionary features and design. It has a great collection of cold climate heat pumps in different sizes to ship worldwide. To enjoy the highest possible efficiency in COP and reduce your domestic or commercial heating/cooling cost, consider ordering cold climate heat pumps with Arctic Heat Pumps at

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