STASO Locksmith & Data Cabling Presents a New Product to the People of Winnipeg

The team at STASO Locksmith & Data Cabling is pleased to provide the people of Winnipeg, Manitoba, with a new product to help ensure the safety of both their homes and businesses. By using the high-security Mul-T-Lock system, STASO is dedicated to providing only the best high-security locks for the needs of their customers.

STASO Locksmith & Data Cabling understands the need to protect both homes and businesses. This is why the Mul-T-Lock System now offered by STASO Locksmith & Data Cabling is considered one of the highest security locks in the business. This comes complete with pick and drill protection, provided by the use of dimple key locks. Each system also comes with a coded card that can be cut without the master key. The double pin system of the Mul-T-Lock system also includes a second set of interior pins that leaves these locks impossible to pick and keeps intruders at bay.

This amazing locking system is one of the many ways the team at STASO Locksmith & Data Cabling strives to offer their customers everything they require in a locksmith. Their ability to install, maintain and repair several types of security products coupled with their 24-hour service makes them one of the most sought after locksmith companies in the Manitoba area.

For more information on the new Mul-T-Lock System, visit STASO Locksmith & Data Cabling on their website or call 204-869-6606.

About STASO Locksmith & Data Cabling: STASO Locksmith & Data Cabling is a knowledgeable, experienced locksmith that strives to provide their customers with fast service at an affordable price. By providing services, such as installation, repairs and maintenance of all forms of security products for both homes and businesses, they are dedicated to always being there for their customers.

Company: STASO Locksmith & Data Cabling
Address: 999 Taylor Ave.
City: Winnipeg
Province: Manitoba
Country: Canada
Postal Code: R3M 2K3
Telephone number: 204-869-6606
Email address:

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