Dhwani Goes Live in China with Bollywood Music

Three consecutive nights of Bollywood Beats Reloaded rocked China from November 27 to November 29. Performing live at Inter Continental Hotel in Kunming, China during the 65 th  TAAI (Travel Agents Association of India) Convention and Exhibition, Dhwani showcased the best of Bollywood to not only entertain the delegates but also present the musical richness of the ancient land. 

The opening night was marked with a grand musical celebration of sorts that brought out the best in the music of Dhwani. With the lead singers complementing each other, the sizzling performances on the stage established a strong connection with the mixed audiences. Since music has the infinite power to transcend boundaries and connect with people from disparate backgrounds, something spectacular was on display that melted hearts and made the listeners sway to the melodious hits from Bollywood.    

On Day 3 gala nite event, civilizations came closer when a Chinese Dance Troupe from Kunming and Punjabi Dhol players accompanying the Dhwani group appeared on the stage to create a peppy and energetic atmosphere. As the lead performers began to enthrall, they were ably assisted by the respective teams to create a spellbinding and visually arresting impact on the audiences waiting to be mesmerized.   

Being invited to perform in front of such a privileged gathering deserves to be counted as yet another feather in the cap. Dhwani has consistently maintained its professional standards and never compromised on quality. Which is why it remains the ideal choice when it comes to signing up a live performing band from India that can deliver successfully in front of ****** audiences and live up to the expectations of the country it represents. It is a great honour for Dhwani to be given the opportunity to perform at such prestigious events the world over. 

Tourism can improve bilateral relations just like music unifies hearts. Namaste India evenings will enhance networking opportunities between the two big countries. Kunming has a unique culture, scenic beauty, nice weather, hospitable people, and hi-speed train and shopping tours. Dhwani has essayed a positive role by attracting the audiences – to get a memorable experience and feel inclined to travel to India to enjoy Bollywood music and do lots more. Dhwani sounds right as it has hit the right notes by bringing hearts closer from lands not very far from each other. The overwhelming response it has generated during the three-day event is a key indicator of its musical success.

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