Stay Hydrated while Running Long Distances with the Best Running Backpack from Orange Mud

Running is known as one of the simple yet best exercises to stay fit and active. But it is essential to stay hydrated while on a run as it enhances your speed, strength as well as endurance and helps to prevent overheating as well as hypothermia. And there are different ways to quench your thirst while running such as you can drink adequate amount of water before exercise, stop at water bubblers during your run, stash a water bottle with you, wear a hydration belt and you can even carry a handheld bottle. But if you are running a longer distance which takes more than an hour, then a running backpack is the right choice for you!

Orange Mud is a leading supplier of high quality hydration pack for running long distance. They have a great collection of best running backpack that includes bottle based packs as well as bladder or flask based packs. While the bottle packs are best for super-fast refill, easy fluid management, extremely stable, tiny footprint, easy to clean, the bladder or flask based packs let you carry more fluids in one container, drink on the fly without reaching back, run further and longer with more fluids.Whether you want a trail running backpack or a water bottle backpack Orange Mud has it all! As they know the essentiality of a running backpack for running long distances and long climbs they provide you with the best hydration packs for you. Few of their products include HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1 – 2.0 that isideal for road and trail running, and triathlon, HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 – 2.0 which is ideal for marathon, Ironman, and ultra-running, Endurance Pack 4L – V2.0 (2L bladder, 4L cargo) that is ideal for running and biking and many more. So choose your running backpack according to your requirement and have a happy running!

“We stand firmly behind all product sales. Should you have a problem at any time don’t hesitate to reach out. Manufacturing defect? Let us know, we’ll replace it for the lifetime of the product. Did you forget it on the bumper when leaving the trail head and now after miles down the road your pack looks like Swiss cheese? That sucks. No worries, everyone does it, even famous people like Chevy Chase leave things attached to bumpers that don’t make out so well. Even for things like this, let’s call it the “crap happens” policy, let us know and we’ll replace it for a fair charge. Our HydraQuiver line of hydration vest packs reduces the complexity of your hydration pack. No more messy bladders to clean, just grab a bottle and go. Engineered for quality, functionality and durability, this gear is feature rich to make you happy with carrying water on the trail, road, or wherever your journey takes you.” – says a spokesperson at Orange Mud

About the Company:

Orange Mud is a company that started with the premise of the hydration pack first. At Orange Mud it’s very simple, make the most efficient, well-crafted gear. Their design team has spent years competing in adventure racing, mountain bike racing, trail running, marathons, Ironman’s and some awfully fun outdoor adventures. To know more visit

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