Boris Palatnik’s Art Offers the Most Stunning & Sturdy Walking Canes

“To get the most beautiful and robust walking canes, Boris Palatnik’s Art is certainly the name to rely on.”

25th December 2018, Chesterland: Known for their precise and stunning designs, excellent customer service and prompt delivery, Boris Palatnik’s Art is the one-stop store for all kinds of luxurious canes. Their canes provide the best support and also add appeal to the overall look. The canes are sturdy, beautiful and extremely sophisticated. Their canes look like an accessory and don’t have a boring look and feel like other usual canes. The canes are generally made of Ebony or Rosewood and the handles are made of sterling silver, German silver or bronze according to your choice. You can even order their custom walking sticks made with 24K Gold trim and natural gems.

Why Should You Buy their Walking Canes?

•    Beautifully engraved

•    Precise and stunning

•    Signed on request

•    Can be customized

•    Payment Options available

•    Size can be changed as per request

•    Prompt delivery

•    Friendly customer service

•    Online order

•    Feasible return policies

The end of the shaft is covered with a metal one. The company can also place a rubber strip on the ferrule if you want the same. They are open to customization.

Some of the products include:

•    Support walking cane snail for $460

•    Artistic walking canes elephant $560

•    Artistic walking cane Grim Reaper for $710

•    Artistic walking cane Grapes for $695

•    Custom walking cane lion for $560

•    Exclusive walking cane Echo for $640

You can also choose their walking cane Mermaid, art walking cane horse, crook walking cane grapes, exclusive walking cane pan, sword canes, Derby, Anatomical   and other comfortable styles of handles.

In his review of the company’s walking stick, Mark Schletty from Seattle has written, “Mr. Palatnik,

I purchased one of your wolf head canes last December. It arrived in mid-January in beautiful condition. I absolutely love this cane, as does everyone else who sees it. The walking cane is the wolf head model in sterling silver with a black ebony shaft. I am wondering what I should do to keep it as beautiful as it currently is. I don’t know what to use on either the shaft or the head to preserve them. Could you advise my about this? I would certainly appreciate any advise you could give me. Thanks for the wonderful walking cane and the advise.”

You can read other such reviews about walking sticks on the website itself.

To choose from their wide range of designs, please visit their store. You can also give them a call at 440-729-3405.

About B. Pal ART walking canes: The company provides the finest and high-quality luxury walking canes. To know more, please visit their website now!

For more details, contact at:

Boris Palatnik’s Art

7839 Cedar Rd, Chesterland, OH 44026, USA

Phone: 440-729-3405



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