Studentreasures Publishing Offers Road to Becoming Real Published Authors

Studentreasures Publishing gives kids an opportunity to become real published authors with its classbook publishing project. The activity can encourage students to write and inspire them to learn.

[Topeka, 12/28/2018] — Studentreasures Publishing can help teachers inspire their students to learn when they publish a book in their class. The company adds that the project can promote self-esteem and will teach students to work with each other. On the teachers’ part, the writing activity allows them to incorporate educational standards.

Creating the Book

The activity from Studentreasures Publishing is easy to do in four steps. First, teachers need to order the publishing kit. Each kit is designed for every project and every grade. It comes in a range of layouts suitable to the story of the class.

It also contains, among others, a step-by-step guide for the teacher, a student-created sample book, and a free deluxe hardcover copy for the teacher. Parents may purchase hardcover copies, too.

Second, the students fill the pages with their writing and illustrations. The students choose any topic they please. Third, the finished work is submitted to Studentreasures Publishing for publishing. The company recommends a fourth step once the book arrives at the school: celebrate.

It says, “Whether it’s an author’s tea or a book signing party, there are a million ways to celebrate!”

A Motivational Experience for Students

Studentreasures Publishing says that its product is more than a book. It is a lasting memory that offers a unique learning experience, the company explains.

With the book publishing activity, teachers can make writing fun. It can spark their imagination and allow them to discover the process, from beginning to end. Since it is hands-on, the activity can also get students excited.

In addition, students can learn lifelong skills, from collaboration with other kids to achieving a common goal.

“It’s as easy as taking an existing writing lesson and putting the final draft on our paper. Watch their faces light up when they find out they’ll become published authors,” the company shares.

About Studentreasures Publishing

Every child can be a published author with the help of Studentreasures Publishing. The company has been helping kids for more than 20 years. Over 14 million children have become authors at an early age, with Studentreasures Publishing providing their publishing kits. It has been voted “Best Free School Publishing Program – Teacher’s Picks” by Scholastic Instructor Magazine.

Visit the today for more information.

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