Peak ENT and Voice Center Performs In-office Sinus Surgery

Denver, CO residents experiencing acute or chronic sinusitis can get professional treatments from Peak ENT and Voice Center. The clinic’s skilled staff performs in-office sinus surgeries, including balloon sinuplasty and septoplasty.

[COLORADO, 01/04/2019] – Peak ENT and Voice Center is a trusted Colorado clinic specializing in comprehensive treatments for ear, nose, throat, voice, head, and neck conditions. It has three clinics and employs capable physicians, audiologists, and other medical professionals ready to see to patients’ needs.

In-office Sinus Surgeries for Immediate Relief

Peak ENT and Voice Center performs in-office, outpatient surgery procedures at its Golden and Broomfield, CO offices. Among these are sinus surgeries, which are often considered a “last resort” treatment for sinus disease.

A sinus surgery opens the drainage passage from the sinus to allow the mucus to drain out more easily. The enlarged sinus opening allows saline rinses and other topical medications to get into the sinuses more effectively.

Patients’ health insurance plans usually cover the procedures, although it may be billed separately from the office visit.

Benefits of Procedures Performed Under Local Anesthesia

General or local anesthesia may be required, depending on the procedure. A balloon sinus dilation or balloon sinuplasty only needs local anesthesia, although a Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) typically requires general anesthesia.

Other in-office sinus surgery procedures performed under local anesthesia are:

• Septoplasty
• Ethmoidectomy
• Turbinate reduction
• Eustachian tube dilation

Procedures performed under local anesthesia have a lower risk of complications than general anesthesia. Additionally, these procedures are often more affordable. Patients have a faster recovery rate (3.3 days) and are exposed to less narcotic pain medication.

About Peak ENT and Voice Center

Peak ENT and Voice Center is a health care provider with three clinics in Brighton, Broomfield, and Golden, Denver CO. Its team of professional physicians, therapists, and more offer comprehensive ear, nose, throat, head, and neck treatments. The clinics specialize in hearing, voice, sinus conditions, cosmetic, and facial plastic surgery. Peak ENT and Voice Center performs procedures including limited septoplasty, transnasal esophagoscopy, and laser treatment of laryngeal and airway lesions under local anesthesia in two of its offices.

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