Working with a Wide Male Organ Size: Tips & Tricks

Take a look in any gym men’s locker room or shower, and the variation in male organ size one encounters is significant. Of course, when talking male organ size, most men are more concerned with the size of their equipment when tumescent than when soft, as it is more apt to be in a locker room. But even when comparing tumescent members, the differences can be startling. And while a larger male organ size does not impact male organ health and is less important in performance than individual skill, there can be “tricks” that may need to be considered if one has a manhood of special dimensions. For example, when the member is an extra wide model, its owner and potential users may need to make a few allowances.

How wide is wide?

Like beauty, size – including width – is often in the eye of the beholder. However, the average tumescent member circumference is somewhere around 4 ½ inches, so a manhood of 5” or more in circumference can probably safely be considered wide. It’s also worthwhile pointing out that manhood girth can vary from one end to another. Often a man may have a “mushroom head,” in which the tip is considerably wider than the shaft of the member. And in some men, the shaft may be wider at the base or somewhere in the middle.

What to do

The main concern about an especially wide member, of course, is whether it will fit into a waiting orifice – and whether penetrating that orifice will cause pain. In general, the female organ is a very stretchable and accommodating place in which to place a member; it can stretch to accept a surprisingly wide manhood. Depending upon the individual, there may be less flexibility when it comes to the mouth or to the posterior. However, these tips are generally applicable.

Don’t skimp on lubrication. Even the opening with the most “give” will be more receptive if both it and the member in question are appropriately lubricated. Nature provides some lubrication on its own, of course, but it’s advisable to help Nature along with a good helping of creme-from-a-tube. Don’t be afraid of going a little overboard – especially if posterior penetration is involved – as it’s better to have too much than too little. And if the sensual encounter lasts for an extended period of time, re-lubricating may be necessary.

Don’t forget foreplay. Also key: no matter how excited the owner of an extra-wide may be, he needs to take his time and make sure his partner is properly prepared. Kissing, caressing, playing with breasts, orally engaging her female organ – whatever form of foreplay she likes, he needs to engage in it for an appropriate amount of time.

Get positioned. Let the partner choose what position or positions to try. If she is in charge, she will better be able to guide insertions and stop if she experiences any pain. For many couples, woman-on-top variations work the best; many also find that some positions work better for initial insertion, but others are better for the continued thrusting.

Listen. First and foremost and above all – a man needs to listen to his bedmate. If they are experiencing any discomfort, he needs to stop what he is currently doing and find out if she wants him to withdraw or to continue – or to try something else. This should be the plan even for men who do not have an extra wide or long male organ size, of course.

A wide male organ size may make some partners anxious at first, but with a little effort, most couples can learn to adjust. It helps if the member is in good shape, so guys must use a first class male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Well hydrated manhood skin helps with lubrication issues, so find a crème with moisturizers like shea butter and vitamin E. The chosen crème should also include vitamin D3, which has proven benefits in fighting disease and supporting healthy cellular function.

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