How to Get Rid of Male Organ Odor: 8 Ways that Work

Male organs, like all living things, emanate an odor. However, some Johnsons have a serious case of 1970’s funk. There are several reasons why a perfectly normal male organ can quickly morph into a stinky member in what seems like seconds. Here’s a pro’s list of how to get rid of male organ odor.

How to Get Rid of Male Organ Odor: #1 Observe Pee Etiquette

First, let’s address all men who urinate (that should be pretty much everyone). A shake may not be adequate, guys. After peeing, wipe off the member, otherwise little droplets of urine make their way to underwear. Then the member bakes in the heat of the groin and those little droplets of urine become a big-time stink fest.

For gentlemen who sport a non-cut member, be sure to pull back the foreskin when urinating to prevent from urine getting underneath foreskin causing a not so fragrant odor and irritation.

How to Get Rid of Male Organ Odor: #2 Trim the Tree

Pubic hair traps all sorts of things like bacteria, oils, urine, and other fluids and emissions. By keeping the hair down there trimmed, there’s less to preserve less-than-stellar odors. It looks nice too.

How to Get Rid of Male Organ Odor: #3 Have a Talk BEFORE Intimacy

Partner Transmitted Infections can definitely lead to a stinky member, among other much more serious consequences. Have a talk with a partner prior to intimate contact. If a partner seems to be symptomatic of a PTI and hasn’t disclosed it, stop contact immediately.

How to Get Rid of Male Organ Odor: #4 Latex barrier and Creme Check!

Be sure to continue the practice of safe intimacy past the very important convo as recommended in #3. Always use latex barriers that protect against PTI when sensually intimate. Also, be sure to use a water-based creme when creme is called for. Oil-based creme and DIY creme, also known as spit, can introduce bacteria into the member.

How to Get Rid of Male Organ Odor: #5 After Intimacy Protocol

After doing the wild thing, sprint off to the bathroom to give your Jolly Roger a good cleaning. This helps remove bacteria and irritants from the member, as well as any extra…ummm…emissions which may have been left behind.

How to Get Rid of Male Organ Odor: #6 Loosen Up…Your Drawers that is

For most men, their member is ensconced in underwear or even just pants the majority of the hours of each day. That means his sausage and beans spend a lot of time marinating in a warm, sweaty, smelly environment. Be sure to invest in good quality cotton underwear or equally good dry-wicking underwear to get the area dry. Also, the tighty-whities don’t really need to be tight, in fact, they shouldn’t be. Give the member some room to air out and just hang. This not only prevents a stinky member but protects against peripheral nerve damage as well.

How to Get Rid of Male Organ Odor: #7 Check for Infection

Some non-STI related infections can cause a man’s nose to curl up. Things like urinary tract infections and yeast infections emit a foul odor and can be quite painful and dangerous. UTIs happen when bacteria have found its way to the urinary tract and often takes on a fishy smell. Yeast infections happen when there is an overgrowth of naturally occurring yeast in the body and is demarked by a moldy smell. See a doctor for diagnosis and treatment if it’s a first time offense.

How to Get Rid of Male Organ Odor: #8 Have a Daily Hygiene Regimen

We saved the best for last! Clean that member, mister! Cleanse the member daily (more if needed) with warm water and a mild cleanser. Be sure to retract the foreskin and give the entire area a gentle, yet thorough washing. When done, rinse well. Pat dry with a soft towel (never rub) or air dry.

Next, apply a specially formulated male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to the area. Crèmes like this include essential nutrients like vitamin A, which is an antibacterial agent, and vitamin C, which promotes healthy cellular function, collagen building, and freshens the member. Add to that several other vitamins and amino acids for strengthening skin and boosting blood flow all wrapped up in a silky Shea butter and moisture-preserving vitamin E. No one will ever accuse a man who follows this regimen of having a stinky member every again!

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