Beat the Heat and Stay Hydrated with BIBO Water

BIBO Water Australia is making it easy for their customers to keep hydrated this summer with a special offer. Customers who buy a BIBO water bar this summer will receive two free glass BIBO bottles plus a replacement filter pack worth $245. This offer is available online for a limited time.

As Australia deals with intense heat waves people with heart disease or taking medication for blood pressure or excess fluid, such as diuretics, are at higher risk of falling ill or having a heart attack during a heatwave.

Stephen Vines, Heart Foundation Queensland CEO, said recently people should prepare themselves and think about how they’ll cope and look out for each other as the temperatures continue to soar. People with heart disease are at much higher risk in the extreme heat,” Mr Vines said. Heatwaves also take a particular toll on the health of our elderly relatives and friends – and I would urge people to be vigilant about looking out for them during these hotter days.

Mr Vines explained that as the temperature rises, the body responds to try and balance with the heat by increasing blood flow to the skin and by sweating. Sweating leads to dehydration, which reduces the volume of blood. This makes the heart pump harder to circulate the reduced amount of blood around the body,” he said.

For people with heart disease and those who are at high risk of a heart attack, these changes can overwhelm the heart and could even result in a heart attack,” he added.  It is important to drink plenty of water without waiting for thirst (if the doctor normally limits your fluids, check how much to drink during hot weather) and to keep cool – stay indoors or in an air-conditioned environment.

With BIBO Water customers can keep hydrated easily. They can choose how chilled they want their water to be. The BIBO can be set anywhere between 4 to 16 degrees Celsius. Four degrees Celsius is ice cold and 16 degrees Celsius is closer to the temperature coming out of the cold-water tap.

The hot water in BIBO is maintained at 96 degrees Celsius, which is just below boiling point. To bring it fully to the boil customers can just press the boiling water boost button before dispensing hot water. As BIBO plumbs into mains water it will provides unlimited filtered and purified water. It will produce 15 litres of boiling water and five litres of chilled water per hour and recharges quickly when either tank is emptied.

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