SmartFilm Offers Windshield Repair and Replacement Services to Arizona Car Owners

SmartFilm, an Arizona-based company, provides clients with autoglass repair and replacement service. For minor cracks, SmartFilm recommends immediate repair, while for major damage, the specialists suggest windshield replacement. SmartFilm also offers Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) windshield replacement.

[Mesa, 01/15/2019] – Vehicle owners needing autoglass repair and replacement services in Mesa, Arizona can turn to SmartFilm for solutions. The company, which has worked on over 40,000 cars over the years, specializes in car windows and glasses.

Minor chips or major cracks – these kinds of damage on the windshield are distracting hazards that can block the driver’s view. For this reason, it is important that a vehicle’s windshield is properly maintained and free of any damage.

Autoglass Repair and Replacement Services

SmartFilm’s team of mobile glass technicians are experts who use only top-of-the-line fillers and advanced techniques to repair or replace autoglass. These specialists understand that even minor cracks are a threat to the overall integrity of the glass. According to the company, when fixed on time, windshield cracks will not cause further problems. However, for most cases, the specialists recommend windshield replacement.

The technicians at SmartFilm perform same-day appointments in three-hour services for minor windshield damage. For SmartFilm, it is crucial for vehicle owners to have their autoglass repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Doing so helps minimize damage before it gets worse, maintain the glass’ structural integrity and prevent air, bugs, water, and other debris from entering the car.

OEM Glass Replacement

To ensure that the newly-repaired windshield lasts for a long time, SmartFilm uses Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) glass. Companies who officially provide top car brands with windshield and other autoglass products manufacture OEM glass. It means that SmartFilm replaces windshields with ones that are used originally for the make of the vehicle being repaired. OEM glasses usually have the stamp of the manufacturer and the car company.

SmartFilm’s Transparency

With any repair, installation, or replacement service, the technicians at SmartFilm works in a bay located in a controlled, indoor environment. The bay comes with a glass viewing area, which lets customers see how the specialists do their jobs.

“We do whatever it takes to deliver exceptional service. Part of our commitment to customer satisfaction is to show you how we handle your car,” the company wrote on its website.

The Arizona-based autoglass repair company also specializes in paint protection, headlight restoration, and commercial and residential window tinting.

About SmartFilm

Located in Mesa Arizona, SmartFilm helps vehicle owners be safe on the road with their window tinting and windshield repair and replacement services. The company is affiliated with leading industry manufacturers and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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